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That Guy

Friday, January 15th, 2016

3rdDegreeI’m the guy who asked to join your organization. I’m the guy who paid his dues to join. I’m the guy who stood up in front of you and promised to be faithful and loyal. I’m the guy who came to your meetings and no one paid attention to. I tried several times to be friends, but they all had their own buddies to talk to and sit next to. I sat down several times, but no one paid any attention to me. I hoped very much that someone would have asked me to take part in a fund raising project or something, but no one saw my efforts when I volunteered. I missed a few meetings after joining because I was sick and couldn’t be there. No one asked me at the next meeting where I had been. I guess it didn’t matter very much to others whether I was there or not. The next meeting, I decided to stay home and watch TV. The following meeting, I attended, but no one asked me where I was for the last meeting. You might say I’m a good guy or a “good family man” who holds a responsible job and loves his community and country. You know who else I am? THE GUY WHO NEVER CAME BACK. It amuses me how the heads of organizations and the members discuss WHY the organization is loosing members. It amuses me to think that they spend so much time looking for NEW members when I was there all the time. All they need to do was make me feel needed, wanted, and WELCOME! Please welcome all new members so they do not become….THAT GUY