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Planned Parenthood

Thursday, July 16th, 2015


Worthy Grand Knight and Brother Knights All,

Today, a shocking video was released that cannot be ignored.  If anyone had any doubts as to the diabolical nature of Planned Parenthood, here is proof positive. Not only has PP murdered tens of millions of unborn babies-and made billions off them since the early ’70s-but now we have video proof that they have been profiteering off body parts of the innocents. They’ve been getting a   two-fer! Name your part! Name your stage of development! How many would you like? Get your body parts here!

All funding to Planned Parenthood must be cut off immediately, and this evil organization must be shut down for good. And their leaders must be prosecuted since trafficking in human body parts is a felony.

It is critically important that you immediately contact your state and U.S. representatives and implore them to:

1) Open a federal investigation of the organization, and if such trafficking is ultimately confirmed, initiate the filing of federal criminal charges against Planned Parenthood’s leadership-national and state.

2) Immediately suspend all funding for Planned Parenthood during the investigation.

To quickly find your state and local representatives, just type in your zip code at via this    Please share this message with all pro-lifers. Thank you!

For life,

Gary Anderson

State Culture of Life Director

Ohio State Council, Knights of Columbus

614-402-3842 Cell

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