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4th Degree Knights Needed

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

The next exemplifications are April 25th in Beachwood and sometime in April or May in the Youngstown Diocese. As a 4th Degree member I am asking you now to join us. Please call 330-719-1500 if you have any questions about the Knights or the 4th Degree…Thanks…Greg

Congratulations Fr. Andrew

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Christ Pantocrator (Deesis mosaic detail)  The Newton Falls Council  # 3350 would like to send Congratulations to Very Reverend  Andrew J. Deskevich. The Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh has appointed Fr. Andrew as  Protosyncellus; also appointed as a member of: the Arch Eparchial Finance Council; Placement and Pension Boards; and the Administrative Board of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference. He remains as pastor of SS. Peter & Paul Church, Warren, Ohio as well as St. Michael’s in Newton Falls.

Protosyncellus is the same as our Latin Vicar General. Vivat Jesus Brother Andrew